Sporebase is a great place to get any mods or hacks for Spore! Enjoy tutorials on the main site and a bustling community on the forum!

SporeBase is a friendly community, founded by SporeCheater, who aim to provide hacks and mods for Spore. There are lots of great things to do, like visiting the Gallery and see hacked or regular creations, talking about Spore and mods or hacks, or you can just talk about anything!




Here are some of the General statistics for the SporeBase Forums: (As of 6/1/2013)

Total Members: 4921

Total Posts: 54507

Total Topics: 3020

Average registrations per day: 2.86

Average posts per day: 68.11

Average topics per day: 3.21

Most users online was 249 - December 18, 2010, 10:20:48 P.M.


Admins: SporeCheater (Administrator), Kaos (Co-Admin) , Amber (Administrative Assistant)

Global Moderators: Vagabond6, Nickertoby, Elite, MangoJuice

Board Moderators: Galactic God (Modding Spore), Ivy (Introductions, Minecraft), Basil (Spore Talk)

More stats can be found here.

Come and join! Our community awaits you!


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Thanks to Kaos from the forum for these!

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